Salon Policies

Please read all policies carefully prior to a salon reservation, service purchase and retail product purchase. Scroll below for all policies.

Salon Reservation Agreement

When you create a Salon Reservation (appointment) via in person at our salon, text, phone call or online, including but not limited to our website and third party websites with accounts linked to Misti Nicole Atlanta,  you are agreeing to all terms and conditions and the 100% booking fee for each and every service booked.
We do not accept any cancellations via social media.

 Appointment reminders will be sent via text and/or email to the phone number and/or email you provide 48 hours prior to your salon reservation (appointment) and 24 hours prior to your salon reservation. It is solely your responsibility to confirm and/or cancel with no less than 24 hours prior to your reserved time of services by contacting us one of the ways listed above.

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Late Arrival + Cancellation Agreement

Salon Reservations (Appointments) must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged 100% of the full booking fee for each and every service booked.

Late Salon Reservation Cancellations and No-shows will be charged 100% of the full booking fee for each and every service booked. Late Arrivals including 15 minutes late may need to be rescheduled and will incur 100% of the booking fees for each and every service booked. 

We understand that things come up and emergencies happen, however please understand that our time is valuable and last-minute cancellations make it difficult for us to fill the Salon Reservation (Appointment) time.

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Children + Pets

Our salon is a quiet, spa like environment curated for adults seeking relaxation and professional beauty services.

No children or pets allowed during your salon reservation.

If an emergency happens with your childcare, please contact us immediately. We understand that things come up and emergencies happen with your children, we will work with you within respectable circumstances.

Only legal service animals are allowed during salon reservation. GA State Board explicitly restricts emotional support animals.

All policies are updated effective January 2024. We reserve the right to update our salon policies at any time without notification. 

Salon Policies Continued

Virus + Sickness

We understand there are various viruses, flu types and covid variations throughout the year. We have always and will continue to respectfully request should you and/or a family member in your household become ill from a virus, flu type, covid or other various contagious illness, please cancel your salon reservation (appointment) immediately. While some of these may mean you do not have a fever, mucus and other bodily fluids containing your virus, flu or covid is contagious.

Because we work so closely with you, we are exposed. We could potentially pass it on to our other guests and their families as well as ourselves. We are self employed which means we do not have any paid time off and missing one day/ one week of income impacts us both physically and financially. That time and income cannot be replaced. We can always reschedule your salon reservation (appointment) and we make you a priority to get you back in as soon as possible. 

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Service Refunds + Adjustments

We do not provide any refunds for any service(s) provided at Misti Nicole Atlanta. Should you have an issue with your hair service, you will need to contact us within 7 calendar days of your completed salon reservation (appointment) service(s) in writing via either email or text. We will provide you the option of one adjustment per service per that one single salon reservation (appointment). Should you refuse the adjustment or fail to provide a written request of the single adjustment, then no adjustments can be made to your service(s) provided and it is deemed you are satisfied. Anything beyond those 7 calendar days of service completed will require payment for full service of adjustment. Any adjustments made by you or another person not staffed at Misti Nicole Atlanta will void any warranty and adjustments to your service(s).

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Retail Product Refunds, Exchanges or Returns

All retail purchased at Misti Nicole Atlanta may be exchanged or returned for a full 100% refund within 10 calendar days of purchase should there be a manufacturer defect and receipt included. All receipts are provided via email or text at the end of your purchase. You may exchange or return a purchased retail product within 10 calendar days to Misti Nicole Atlanta no less than an average 10 calendar days use or 5% of full bottle, whichever is greater, for a full exchange or refund of the same product or product of equal value or less. Should you wish to purchase a product that is greater in value than the returned product, you will pay the difference of the balance owed. The new product received due to the exchange or return will not be eligible for a refund unless there is a manufacturer defect in which you have 10 calendar days from date you received said retail product to notify us in writing via text or email.

All policies are updated effective January 2024. We reserve the right to update our salon policies at any time without notification. 

Lost or Stolen Items Policy

We are not held responsible for any personal items left at Misti Nicole Atlanta. Please be sure to check to make sure you have not left anything behind before leaving your salon reservation (appointment).

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